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Scissor Lift Training Course Details

Any scissor lift training course is designed for anyone who wants to be able to operate a scissor lift or mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs). Or maybe you have past experience using scissor lifts but are looking to renewal your PAL (IPAF) card, the course will help you to do just that.
On a scissor lift training course you can learn how to operate a number of different types of lift including how to operate MEWPs.

A summary of a what you can expect on a scissor lift training course can be found below:

Scissor Lift Training course details

  • You will be taught all the most up to date and relevant health and safety laws and Regulations when it comes to scissor lift training. (This also includes the Work at Height Regulations 2005.)
  • The responsibilities of you as an employee, and the procedures you and your employers must obied by when using a scissor lift.
  • An Introduction, and how to use a MEWPS. (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms). If you are unsure what a mobile elevated work platforms is you can find out on our types of platforms page.
  • You will be taught how to carry out safety checks on scissor lift before using it. This is also includes all inspections of safety equipment and what you should be looking out for, and correct set up of all safety gear.
  • You will of course be shown how to start and stop the scissor lift safely and in case of any emergency situation.
  • Being aware of your surroundings including obstacles that may appear overhead and operating the scissor lift on different types of ground.
  • You will also be required to a scissor lift training written test paper as well as a practical instruction on the scissor lift.
  • As mentioned above pre safety checks before using a scissor lift is vital, so you will also be taught the importance of keeping all of your safety equipment in good order.
  • Personal protective equipment or PPE is part of the core safety when using a scissor lift. This includes harnesses, hard hats and steal cap boots.

Scissor Lift Training courses vary in price, and its best to shop around for the best price. Scissor lift training courses usually start around £190 and take 1 day to complete. You don’t always have to go to a specialist scissor lift training centre, if you have the room most scissor lift training providers can train you at your premises. Though if you are interested in having someone come to you to provide scissor lift training, we would recommend phoning in advance.